Blackcurrant Cooking Competitions

Blackcurrant Cooking Competitions

2411-crrs-two-food-judgesLast year was so much fun with all of you entering your favourite blackcurrant creations that we are running another competition at this year’s Festival.  Enter into the fun and help the festival fly by bringing along exciting innovations, or just good old fashioned cooking! Or simply go to the recipe tab above and adapt one of the recipes we have put up there. Fun huh?!

Here’s your chance to share your creativity and increase awareness of the diverse and delicious ways to use blackcurrants. And there are fabulous gift baskets from Barker’s Fine Foods, or vouchers for the winners!

The 2009 categories will be:

  1. Baking (muffins & cakes)
  2. Preserves (jams, jellies, sauces, relishes, paste, etc)
  3. Desserts
  4. Innovative and Original Recipes
  5. Juice and wine
  6. Children’s entries – focus on a healthy snack or lunch option

Entries will be judged on set criteria for each category.  For an idea of the qualities judges will be looking for, click here to view the judging criteria [pdf].

*** Please have your entries in by 4.45pm for judging from 5pm.
The judges’ decisions will be final.***

PLUS A NEW BLACKCURRANT RECIPE BOOK…featuring some of the entries from last year, will be launched at this year’s Festival!  Include your recipe with your entry to the competition, or email it to us, and it will be considered for inclusion on our website and in the next edition of the recipe book.