Calling all Stall Holders!

Calling all Stall Holders!

Applications for stalls at the next Sarau Festival in Upper Moutere are now open. The day is Sunday 28th January, 2018. Forms are here to download, Fine weather has been ordered…….

You can download the Stall Registration Form here, either as a PDF, or MS Word Document:

If you would like to attend again (and we are delighted to again have you with us), please download and complete the form and get it back to us. The contact/address details are all on the Form, as are the details for payment to the Sarau Festival bank account.

There is very little change from the registration/format over the previous few years. We are pleased to say that the costs for the stall sites have remained at previous level, with the one exception of the price for a Power Outlet/Connection, where we have unfortunately had to increase the rate for these due to the costs involved for us. For those of you who do require a power connection, you may already have your own generators (quiet machines), so please consider your options of bringing this vs the connection to our field power system.

As with other festivals held around our beautiful region, this coming year 2018, and for those following years, we would like to “Go Zero” in terms of our waste and refuse options, to try and eliminate waste and potential negative impacts on the wider community. Please wherever you can, and in particular for the Catering/Food/Beverage stalls, bring your own Reusable food/beverage containers, and the next best being compostable plant based plates and drink vessels. Paper and cardboard, paper napkins and food wraps are all good. If it is possible to eliminate plastic films like GLADĀ® cling wrap and tinfoils please try and do so. Last Festival year 2017 we had a dedicated team of young people who were sorting through all the waste to get recyclable and compostable materials in separate final bins, and at the end of the festival it was really pleasing to see that the amount of refuse going to Landfill was very much down on the prior years, due to what could be recycled/composted. We want to continue and better that position for 2018 Festival.

Thank you for your understanding and help with our efforts, and we look forward to hearing back from you with your Stall Registration.

with Kind Regards to all,

Michael Boyton & Jenny Leith
for Sarau Festival 2018 Organising (volunteer) Committee