Photo Competition 2016

Photo Competition 2016

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Photographers – new, experienced, young and old it’s time to think about your entry into the next Sarau Festival’s Photographic Competition. It’s not too early to begin shooting!

There are six categories to enter and the 7th – Viewers Choice – is decided by visitors to the photography tent on the day.
Categories are as follows:

  1. Life in the Moutere
  2. Life outside the Moutere
  3. Moutere Characters
  4. Under 15
  5. Sarau Festival photos – from previous festivals
  6. Digitally enhanced

Judge: Mary Shee

Entries may be left at Motueka’s i-site or the Moutere HIlls Community Centre by 3pm Wednesday 27th January.


  • Size 6″ by 8″ ( 15cm by 20cm ) landscape or portrait, matt or gloss.
  • Photos to be mounted on A4 white card ( 180-250gm)
  • All submissions must be in an envelope.
  • On the back of the photograph please have the following
    • a. Sarau Photography competition
    • b. Photographers name and email address
    • c. Title of photograph
    • d. Category entered